Payments on our site are processed utilising the services of Stripe, a multi-billion pound electronic payments company offering PCI DSS-compliant payment processing. When you enter credit or debit card information into the payments area on our site, the contents of those fields are not stored on our web servers but are instead encrypted and transmitted directly to Stripe's servers. Via a secure login, we can access the last four digits of your card for audit purposes, but never the full card number or the CVV number.

We take our responsibility for the safe storage and processing of your data very seriously. We share the minimum data possible to ensure we can deliver the services we provide (eg payment processing, order fulfilment) securely and effectively. We do not sell your email address, or any other personal data you may provide to any other companies. Where we act as a ticketing agent for an event for which you have bought a ticket, we share your contact and purchase details (but not payment details) with them so they can reserve your place at the event. They may use your email address in the future, but you will not receive unsolicited email from us (other than pertaining to orders you place). You can consult our privacy policy for more information.

Once ticket bookings are made, they are not usually refundable. Refunds in exceptional circumstances are at the discretion of the event organiser. If you bought a ticket and made payment on our site, and the organiser asks us to process a refund with reasonable notice prior to the event, then it will be processed.

For those events where we sell and take payment for tickets directly on our site, we do not pay the event organiser until after the event has taken place. If the event is cancelled prior to the advertised date, then your money will be refunded.

We list a collection of temporary events and permanent attractions that we think will appeal to London residents and visitors. We do not charge for a listing on our site, but we do invest work in writing the content, finding the pictures, researching the location etc. If event organisers are able to provide this information for us, in our preferred format, this increases the likelihood we will feature the event. You can get in touch with us for more information and a template showing what we need through our contact form.

For many of the events on the site, we simply link to the tickets page on the website of the event organiser. But in some cases, we also act as a ticketing platform, offering you an alternative to Eventbrite, where we not only list your event on our site, but also act as your ticket agent, selling tickets on your behalf, processing the credit card/debit card payments, and emailing the tickets. We are able to support different types of ticket (eg senior citizens' discounts) without charging a premium, and our prices are competitive. We have a particular interest in working with amateur groups hoping to sell between 100 and 500 tickets for an event.