London Transport Museum exterior
Situated in the heart of the Covent Garden Piazza, the interactive family-friendly exhibitions and installations of the London Transport Museum delve into more than 200 years of the capital’s transportation history, featuring fascinating human interest stories, original vehicles to explore...
£21 (Adult Annual Pass)
Westminster Abbey Exterior
Central London’s Westminster Abbey has been deeply engrained in Britain’s history since 960AD. It has played the role of coronation host since 1066, has been the site of 16 royal weddings, and is the final burial place of many kings,...
£25.00 (Adult)
Kew Palace Exterior
Tucked away in the greenery of West London’s Kew Gardens, the 17th century Kew Palace is considered small and humble as far as palace standards are concerned, an idyllic and private place where Georgian royalty could focus on living lives...
£15.00 (Adult)
Tower of London seen from River Thames
This huge stone fortress on the North Bank of the River Thames was built by William the Conqueror shortly after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Its fascinating history has captured the imagination of millions, and 950 years after...
£29.90 (Adult)
Shakespeare's Globe, Globe Theatre showing empty interior
In 1970, American actor and director Sam Wanamaker followed his mission to build a replica of William Shakespeare’s original 1599 performance space to educate, entertain, and celebrate the impact of the playwright’s work on the world. The building on Bankside,...
London Aquarium Exterior
Originally opened in 1997 in the historic Greater London Council building on South Bank, the capital’s aquarium is now neighbour to the iconic London Eye. After a multimillion-pound renovation in 2009, the original London Aquarium relaunched as the Sea Life...
£28.00 (Adult)
Visitors inside of The View from The Shard
In 2013, The View from The Shard opened to the public in Renzo Piano and Irvine Sellar’s iconic London landmark. At a height nearly twice that of any other viewpoint over London, its unrivalled sights reveal the bends along the...
£28.00 (Adult)
Top-secret during WWII, the underground Churchill War Rooms––now preserved to resemble as closely as possible their authentic state in the 1940s––were the command centre from which Winston Churchill directed Britain’s efforts in the war. The rooms and corridors, once walked...
£26.35 (Adult)
Madame Tussauds London Exterior Sign
More than 260 years ago, Madame Tussaud was born in France. At age 16, she started making waxwork models, beginning with philosopher Francois Voltaire. In 1835, 33 years after she introduced her first traveling exhibition to the British Isles, a...
£33.50 (Adult)
Tower Bridge
One of the most recognisable bridges in the world, Tower Bridge was constructed across the Thames in the late 1800s. Designed by Sir Horace Jones, it was one of the most sophisticated designs of its kind at the time, lifting...
£11.40 (Adult)
Current London Exhibitions
Until 11 Jun 2023
Gilded Bronze Reliquary Bust
The V&A is presenting what is said to be the UK’s first major exhibition focusing on the work of the Renaissance master, Donatello. Part thematic, part chronological, the exhibition features a collection of around 130 objects by Donatello and his...
Until 16 Apr 2023
An example of patterned Kente cloth, a brightly-coloured traditional West African textile.
This exhibition at the V&A is a celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of African fashion, featuring over 250 objects, including over 70 new acquisitions. The exhibition, which includes clothing, textiles, film footage and family photography, is spread over two...
Until 12 Mar 2023
Photo of Basket of Apples by Cezanne hanging in Exhibition
This major exhibition of the career of Paul Cezanne presents over 80 paintings, watercolours and drawings from around the world, including 20 never previously shown in the UK.
£22 (regular price)